Online Imvu credits adder

Welcome to our Online Imvu Credits Adder. If you want to generate unlimited free imvu credits all you need to do is to use our browser-based generator. We have created a awesome online imvu credits adder for all players who ran out of credits. If you have money you can buy credits from the imvu store and you will also support the developers of the game. But we know all that many of imvu players can’t afford to buy imvu credits. Online Imvu Credits Adder will help you to get free imvu credits with just a few clicks right in your browser.

online imvu credits adder

To get free imvu credits just click on the button provided bellow and the link will send you to our online imvu credits adder. You can generate unlimited free imvu credits, but we advice you to use this tool carefully without spamming the servers because you wil get restricted even if this online imvu credits adder is 100% undetectable. We have tested this generator for a few months and it works perfectly because our developers make this possible providing updates.


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