IMVU Inc. was first released to the public on April 15, 2004, where it is not only an online browser game, but you will also need to download a small client program in order to have access to all of the virtual worlds in IMVU Inc. Besides being able to meet new people and travel to new places in IMVU Inc., you can also use their free software program to communicate with new people that you meed in the game. Their small and free client software will also act as an instant messaging program, similar to Facebook messenger, KIK, or even WhatsApp.

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IMVU Inc. was originally backed up by several different companies who saw this website would have lots of potential for 2016. These companies include Menio Ventures, Allegis Capital, Best Buy Capital, and as well as Bridgescale Partners. What makes IMVU Inc. different and special between all of the different online virtual world browser games, would be how in the game, you can create 3D avatars of yourself to make new friends! To date, IMVU Inc. has over 3 million active users, where their active age groups are between ages thirteen to age eighteen and higher.

Besides targeting teenagers, IMVU Inc. also incorporates users from ages eighteen and higher to be able to enjoy this browser game as well. It has been found that IMVU Inc. has over 6 million virtual items, and it has exceeded every other virtual browser game’s catalog list in 2016.

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