What is the Online Imvu Credits Adder?

The Online Imvu Credits Adder is a online web-browser based application that all imvu players can use it to  generate free imvu credits into their accounts.

Why we have created this tool?

We have created this tool to help all imvu players that can’t afford to spend real money to buy imvu credits.. We believe that we create balance between players when having the ability to deliver free imvu credits.

Will my account be safe?

This is our primary feature of our app. Before we release these programs we make extensive tests in order to deliver a safe and reliable tool.

Why are you creating such tools? Who are you?

We believe in the power of balance and equality. Having this programs users/gamers will be more close to the middle line of the poor and richer people.

How do I use this safe and working Online Imvu Credits Adder?

We recommend using the online version when generating the credits to your account. You need to enter your username, select the area where you live (or the closest one), select the amount of IMVU credits you want to generate, click the GENERATE button and wait until the injecting process is finished.

Now, go and get unlimited free imvu credits using our Online Imvu Credits Adder.

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